Thinking of transitioning to a virtual event? Learn how webMOBI can help

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Collect instant feedback

Want immediate feedback during a meeting? Ask your polling questions and the answers will be collected and grouped during - or after - the session.

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Enable Moderation and control questions

Activate the moderation feature so you can approve/disapprove questions before they are projected.

Display the most popular questions

You can crowdsource questions and enable the audience to vote for the most popular questions. Consequently, that establishes a better engagement with the Attendees.

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Attendee Engagement

Involve your Attendees with live polls, surveys and Q&A plus the fun and challenge of gamification.

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Lead Generation

Improve the quality of your leads by engaging contacts and capturing business card information.

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Expand your networking outreach using meeting invites and chat options.

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Instant Feedbacks

Take advantage of timely and valuable feedback from Attendees with live polling combined with Q&A.

What our customers say
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"Simplicity while having full set of relevant features Ease of configuration and management User friendliness."

Ali Aminian

IT & Finance Manager, NSW Department of Education

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"Several of our VP's up to our CMO were really impressed with the result. During the event, our webMOBI host app was accessed over 7,500 times in a day. Highly recommended."

Peter Huboi

Marketing Manager at Polycom

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"Simplicity, flexibilty, ease of use, well thought-through features that almost sounds like a wish-list for most SME customers and large corporations alike."

Sridhar Pai

CEO, Tonse Telecom

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Business Meeting Apps & Their Uses

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