Thinking of transitioning to a virtual event? Learn how webMOBI can help

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Quickly setup the registration system

Attendees can easily register and securely pay online. Then they will sync their mobile app with your check-in system

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webMOBI smart-checkin

First impression – yours will be awesome! The check-in will be fast, seamless and accurate for different categories via name, e-Ticket, QR-code or on-site registration.

Exhibitors lead capture

Generate revenue by helping exhibitors capture leads and automatic lead generation at your event. Quickly takes notes and sync with the CRM, including salesforce.

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Attendee Engagement

Engage your attendees with our versatile features including gamification, live Q&A and so on.

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Lead Generation

Get quality leads with business card scanning and contact exchange features.

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With meeting invite and attendee chat options networking has become an easy part of the event.

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Instant Feedbacks

Get instant feedback from your attendee with webMOBI's live polls and Q&A features.

What our customers say
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"Simplicity while having full set of relevant features Ease of configuration and management User friendliness."

Ali Aminian

IT & Finance Manager, NSW Department of Education

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"Several of our VP's up to our CMO were really impressed with the result. During the event, our webMOBI host app was accessed over 7,500 times in a day. Highly recommended."

Peter Huboi

Marketing Manager at Polycom

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"Simplicity, flexibilty, ease of use, well thought-through features that almost sounds like a wish-list for most SME customers and large corporations alike."

Sridhar Pai

CEO, Tonse Telecom

Case Study

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