Thinking of transitioning to a virtual event? Learn how webMOBI can help

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Web App

webMOBI builder will enable quick responsive web app to
deploy on employees phones, tablets and desktop browser.

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Mobile App

Native Android and iPhone applications will be an extension of
your brand. Enable seamless engagement with your staff.

What can the web and mobile app do for your Trade Shows and Conferences?

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webMOBI Gather real-time feedback

Gather feedback from the organization staff in real-time with our live-poll feature and show the results on the screen. Run surveys and bring in sweepstakes. Live Q&A feature lets your attendee clarify their queries with the sessions and eventually increase the engagement.

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live polls app Communicate in real-time

Send important updates and messages to your attendees with push notifications and keep on engaging your attendees with the event. Some essential reminders can also send via push notifications.

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What are the benefits?

webMOBI Event App Builder lets you create event apps with a simplified and incredibly user-friendly platform for the attendees. In webMOBI event app builder you’ll get live syncing features which more companies lack. Our Event App Builder Provides you with live polls where you can interact with the audience of the events easily and get feedback.

event app Share documents securely

Easy access to documents for internal meetings. Share session documents, videos, and pics for the attendees for a better understanding and as well session guide. In a multi-event app, you can upload documents separately for each event without any disruptions.

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virtual meeting app Easy admin panel

Easy to use admin panel to update the information in real-time within the mobile application. Admin can manage all the event attendees in one place. Edit or moderate activity feeds, notifications, reporting, check-in, feedbacks, documents, beacon management, badge printing, and so on in the admin panel.

Why webMOBI?

Reduce your 50% of the event work with our effective and cost-efficient event management app. Showcase your event and make an impression in the history of events with our jaw-dropping features in the event management app. Be one step ahead with the webMOBI platform where you won't even think about looking back.
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