Thinking of transitioning to a virtual event? Learn how webMOBI can help

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Easy to use employee dashboard

webMOBI dashboard will enable publishing native android
and iPhone apps on employees' phones and tablets.

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Mobile App

Native Android and iPhone applications will be an extension
of your brand. Enable seamless engagement with your staff.

What can a mobile app do for employee engagement?

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webMOBI Private Social Network

Maximize employee engagement with activity feeds featuring personalized content, facilitate conversations, and interactive networking in real-time. Create gamification rules and showcase individual and team accomplishments.

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live polls app Unified Communication Communities

Create employee groups where colleagues can share information and engage with specific teams or the entire organization. Faster access to your field employees can make them safer, more responsive, and better trained.

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Employee communication made simple

Share information and updates with secure mobile messaging post announcements in communities or campaigns to reach every employee. Receive read confirmations to ensure your announcement was viewed.

Why webMOBI?

With webMOBI, make your engagement app more beautiful and creative. Images, colors, and logos can be tailored to accommodate your branding guidelines. You can restyle in real-time.


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